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Welcome to Freedom Life Now!   

        I'm Deborah Edwards and .........  

YES! You can do it!

How do I know this for sure?

Because today, I have more healthy energy than I did thirty years ago & I've lost four dress sizes by burning fat while building lean muscle mass.

When I started Advocare's 24 Day Challenge, I soon realized I no longer needed to gear up my will-power for yet another try to lose weight; I was now receiving MAXIMUM nutrition which fills all the gaps even good food choices can't provide. With Advocare, I came into a healthy, life-long relationship with food, and you can do it, too!

I've also begun to fill the income gaps my husband and I have been facing due to changes in our circumstances and this income has contributed to our being able to move into a place of our own, once again.

By working part time with Advocare's best-I've-ever-seen business opportunity, we have been given the opportunity to increase our income, and to re-build a strong financial legacy to pass on to our children and ten grandchildren someday.

Yes, the income potential is great, but here's the best part:        My work is also my vocation. Long ago, I was called to serve with love by helping others and by bringing them good news. Advocare allows me to help others achieve their own better future, whether it be better health, increased income, or both!

Please allow me the privilege of serving you in this way by contacting me today. It will be a true pleasure helping you to achieve all that's possible, and it will begin when you first see for yourself.  Yes! I can do it too, with Advocare!!

You may contact me here,

or call/ text me at 616-245-3112,

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I look forward to hearing from you!