my january 2019 monthly goals report

My January 2019 Monthly Goals Report

Every month I write a detailed report of the progress I am making on My Goals and Resolutions that I publicly declared at the beginning of this year. I am blown away at the progress we have made already in January on our goals. I hope this really progress inspires you to take MASSIVE consistent […]

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my goals and resolutions for 2019


In this post I am publicly declaring my goals and resolutions for 2019. I wanted to make my goals and new year resolutions public for this year like I do every year as a way of holding myself accountable to breakthrough and achieve my goals for the year.

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my 2018 annual review


In this post I am taking the time to share my 2018 annual review, as I dive into the previous year of 2018 to extract all my successes, failures, and lessons learned from the previous year. Taking the time to reflect on the previous year helps us to massively improve in the next year of […]

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How To Stay Consistent When You Aren't Seeing Results Yet

How To Stay Consistent When You Aren’t Seeing Results Yet

How to stay consistent when you aren’t seeing results yet, is a question I found myself asking when I was in the grind but not getting results just yet in our business. The truth is that having consistency in your business and massive actions over a long period of time is key to success. Read More […]

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the productivity planner review

The Productivity Planner Review

The Productivity Planner Review. I found myself in the position of looking for ways to increase my productivity and to actually ensure that each and every day I was making massive progress towards my goals and desired outcomes. It began by me searching for different strategies, techniques, and daily planners. I had to beat procrastination […]

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our september 2018 goals report

Our September 2018 Goals Report

Our September 2018 goals report is pretty exciting for us! We are excited to share all the progress and momentum we are making now towards achieving our goals. I hope that this post about our September 2018 goals report really helps to inspire you for your life. Every month we do a video update and write […]

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start your 100 day challenge program

Start Your 100 Day Challenge Program

Start your 100 Day Challenge program by Gary Ryan Blair today! The 100 Day Challenge is an incredible program with proven results! Time and time again this program is helping people achieve amazing results with their goal achievements! This program has many amazing positive testimonials and is a program that one of my mentors has […]

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failure is the stepping stone to success

Failure Is The Stepping Stone To Success

Failure is the stepping stone to success. For achieving what your goals, learning that failure is the key for success is vital to learn. In the process of working towards achieving your goals, you will encounter failure along the way. Understanding this aspect of success is really the key in the journey towards achieving the desired […]

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our 2018 goals and resolutions

Our 2018 Goals And Resolutions

Our 2018 Goals And Resolutions is what I discuss and share about in this video and blog post. Here we are now publicly declaring our 2018 goals and resolutions. I know that in doing this creates that strong internal motivation to take massive action daily. This helps to complete and accomplish the goals we have […]

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How To Overcome Adversity And Hard Times

How To Overcome Adversity And Hard Times

In this video and blog post, I am talking about How To Overcome Adversity And Hard Times. If you have not had a chance to watch the video here on this blog post below or on our Freedom Life Now YouTube channel make sure to check that out. In this post and video I talk […]

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