failure is the stepping stone to success

Failure Is The Stepping Stone To Success

Failure is the stepping stone to success. For achieving what your goals, learning that failure is the key for success is vital to learn. In the process of working towards achieving your goals, you will encounter failure along the way. Understanding this aspect of success is really the key in the journey towards achieving the desired results in our lives.

Many people ask questions like, “what are the keys, and steps to achieving success?”, “what are the keys to making money online?”,  and “what are the keys to achieving my goals?”. I always say and tell them just as my mentors taught me that failure is actually the key for success.

One of the greatest lessons that anyone can learn about success, is that failure is the stepping stone to success. I am going to share with you a story of how I first learned this lesson. This is how I learned that failure is the stepping stone to success. This lesson has since been confirmed over and over again on along my journey.

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I remember having a conversation with one of my first business mentors about this. At this point I was much younger and was working on building one of my first online businesses. And I had this conversation with my mentor that really changed how I understood success.

We were sitting in a bonefish grill restaurant, having some appetizers after a day of hustling for our businesses. My business mentor was giving me some time to mentor me about success and for my business. My mentor was very successful in his business. At the time he was in his 30’s was, and was making a very large six-figure passive income online.

I hope that as you read this you also take away this lesson.  I hope you see how key it is that you also have a business coach and mentor as well! Having a coach and a mentor is another vital key to achieving the results you want.

He asked me a very important question that changed my life and the way I viewed success forever. He asked me, “do you know what the only difference is between you and I, and the success I have versus where you are now in your business?”. I responded with several different answers to the question, of how he might be working harder and more consistent than me.

Giving multiple answers, I couldn’t seem to get the right one. None of these answers were the correct answer. Then telling him that I wasn’t sure what the right answer was, he then shared the answer with me. He said to me, “the only difference between you and I is that I have failed much more than you”.

I really pondered on that for a minute and it completely opened my eyes to the key to achieving success. He taught me that the roadmap and key of success is not little wins along the way, but it’s actually the failures we experience and learn from along the journey.

My business mentor continue to coach me telling me, “Richard if you want to be where I am, and have the results that I have, go fail more.”, “Go double your rate of failure! Fail much more, and fail over and over again, and then you will be successful”. This was one of the most important lessons that I ever learned about business and achieving success. Now I understand the truth to this, that failure is the stepping stone to success.

I have learned that if you want to be successful in life and in business the requirement for success is that you go through failure along the way and learn from those experiences. Just be excited about the failures along the way, and enjoy the process! Failure is your stepping stones to the results you dream of, as long as you don’t quit. If you quit when you fail, then you really fail.

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Remember in your journey that Failure Is The Stepping Stone To Success!

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