How To Overcome Adversity And Hard Times

How To Overcome Adversity And Hard Times

In this video and blog post, I am talking about How To Overcome Adversity And Hard Times. If you have not had a chance to watch the video here on this blog post below or on our Freedom Life Now YouTube channel make sure to check that out. In this post and video I talk about the recent adversity and hard times that we have faced and had to overcome, and are now working hard to overcome in our lives and business. We all know that along our journey’s towards our dreams, goals, desires, as well as our pursuits in life that adversity and hard times are going to be something that we experience or have to go through somewhere along the way. Now we have recently encountered one of those shaking times that now we are picking ourselves up from and continuing onward and forward with faith, hope, and belief in the future.

Towards the end of last year we found ourselves making around $5,000 per month average in our business’s of affiliate marketing online when the companies we were leveraging completely dropped off by actually going out of business. This made it impossible for us to continue to promote their products and services and earn any income. Which meant we had no idea how we we were going to pay the bills and stay afloat being full time in business. This happened towards the end of last year where our income went from where it was to ZERO. Talk about how to overcome adversity and hard times. We were in a scenario which we were required to figure out how to overcome and do just that. I have to say it was a big blow to us. The fact that I had been free building our businesses full time for the prior 7 months, doing what we loved to do. We had been building our own businesses as a family, it was amazing, but then to have it completely drop off was a HUGE shocker. This adversity was honestly hard to digest and work through for us. However, as we all know in life, the path towards business, success, and our dreams is ALWAYS built upon overcoming.

Adversity and hard times are just something that we all have to go through along the way to success. Have you ever heard the saying that “success is built upon failure”? The great news is, as long as you don’t let adversity and hard times cause you to quit then you will win. Your failures become your greatest assets of learning experiences for the long run. So we found ourselves end of last year in a place of no income, our dreams alive and well, and me having to return to full-time employment in order to pay the bills. I had to leave working full-time for now on our business, so that we could keep our house ane the lights on if you will. So I returned to work for a company full-time as a Network Engineer. I am now working full-time currently while we dust ourselves off, learn from what we did right, and learn from what we did wrong. And now we go from here to overcome our adversity and hard times. We are focusing now on building a business and online income that will last for the long run. I want to share this journey with complete tranparency, to help and encourage others to do the same. I want to inspire and equip others through my journey, story, and coaching to accomplish their dreams.

I can’t help but remember now all the entrepreneurs that I have hard tell the stories that are similar but different of what happened to them a few years ago when the big Google algorithm change occurred and overnight many entrepreneurs watched their incomes online completely disappear. The thing I remember most from all these stories is not how hard that must have been, but the fact that many of those business owners and entrepreneurs overcame that adversity, and are to this day millionaires many of them and extremely successful. They didn’t let the adversity overcome them, but instead, they allowed it to fuel them. They took the “try, fail, and adjust” mentality for their businesses, and decided to learn from their failures and move forward to building a more so sustainable long-term business in the future. Which this is exactly what we are aiming and working on doing now from here. I hope that this story, that our story, our adversity, our hard times, our journey can actually be used to encourage and inspire YOU, to go after YOUR dreams. I hope and pray that just by us sharing our journey with you along the way that we can inspire and equip YOU on how to overcome adversity and hard times in YOUR life and journey. I hope that we can help motiviate, and cause hope and belief for YOUR future to rise up within you, because I know that YOU CAN DO IT, and that YOU were created for greatest as well!

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Adversity for us and this hard time yes was painful, but one can handle adversity and hard times in life and business in one of two ways, you can either decide to let it cause you to truly fail and quit, and give up, or you can decide to let it make you stronger, and let it serves you towards success in the future by what you can learn from it, and how it can make you better. This is how we had to decide to handle this adversity in our life and business, we have to just learn from it and go from here, we are deciding to make it an asset to serve us in the future of what we did well and what TO DO next time, and what NOT to do next time. I have found that we have to learn to be thankful and grateful for what we did learn, and what we DID accomplish so far, and realize that our journey and success is NOT finished, this is just part of our journey towards the ultimate success and results that we will have and WILL achieve. The reality is, with the right faith, belief, and heart that we can all truly Overcome any Adversity And Hard Times that comes along the way.

I hope this post on How To Overcome Adversity And Hard Times has inspired you. I pray and hope that you have received encouragement and value from it for your own life and journey.

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