How To Stay Consistent When You Aren't Seeing Results Yet

How To Stay Consistent When You Aren’t Seeing Results Yet

How to stay consistent when you aren't seeing results yet, is a question I found myself asking when I was in the grind but not getting results just yet in our business. The truth is that having consistency in your business and massive actions over a long period of time is key to success. 


Sometimes in the path and the journey however, we find ourselves putting in all the work and not seeing results. 

I want to let you know and encourage you if you are in this position that it's completely normal, and actually to be expected. While making progress towards accomplishing any goal, dream, growing a business, etc. there is always the "no results phase" we have to overcome.

We all have to endure and have patients in the process, success and results take time! And if you are willing to put in continual massive action have just have patients for your results, THEY WILL COME in time!

I recorded this video for you all on this topic as well on how to stay consistent when you aren't seeing results yet. 

Watch the video here below:

how to stay consistent when you aren't seeing results yet

Motivational and Inspirational Quote on Consistency

When Adversity Strikes

I want to share part of our story and journey briefly that will help to give some clarity as well as hopefully inspire you. We will than continue with our topic from there.

We found ourself in the place of living a dream of ours, being full time in our online business and having some great success. We had done it in our minds, we had achieved becoming full-time online entrepreneurs. This occurred in our business back in 2017.

We started an online business leveraging two other companies training products and courses as affiliates. Lindsey and I thought this was it, the business that was going to provide the life of our dreams. That was going to provide us with the lifestyle of freedom and on our terms we truly dreamed of. 

We got started, invested over $36,000 into this new online business venture, and we began getting great results. In just under 8 months in our first online business ever we achieved over six-figures in total sales!

I ended up going full-time for our online business the beginning of 2017. I was feeling so excited that we had finally achieved it. Achieved the time and location freedom we truly desired and had dreamed of. 

It Was Such an Amazing Time Together!

It was amazing and an amazing time and memories together Lindsey and I, with our two kids. To be working our own business full time online, and having the full location and time Freedom to live life completely on our terms was incredible.

We begun traveling alot as a family in 2017, and also attending alot of paid mastermind events and seminars for online entrepreneurs. This was to take our business and lives to the next level. We traveled to beaches and Florida, Gulf Shores beaches, and Maui Hawaii. Frankly we were having a blast, and growing, and learning a ton in the process!

For about seven months we traveled around and focused on growing our business to the point where it was really stable and sustainable. In the process we also attended a $10,000 mastermind event in Maui Hawaii that we invested in for online entrepreneurs.

What we learned at this event from six (6) and even seven (7) figure entrepreneurs was truly incredible. It really helped to grow our mindsets as to what was truly possible through an online business.

We lived this way on our terms and full time for ourselves loving it for seven months. But then we hit adversity we did not expect and the unexpected occurred. Even though we were living life on our terms we were just barely making enough each month. With our online sales we barely covered our personal budget needs, as well as our monthly business operating costs. 

Our Business However Was Not Sustainable

The way our business was built was not sustainable and consistent, and the worst happened. Our online business sales completely stopped, we had to use the money we currently had to pay all the bills and keep our business operating. In doing so we ran out of money for paid advertising. 

Since paid advertising is how we were counting on generating new leads and sales for our business our business dried up completely. Yea we learned very many valuable lessons by all this on how you need to build a consistent sustainable business online that you can count on. But that's not the point of this blog post.

To get to the point on this we found ourselves in trouble. I had to return to working a full-time job which was frankly devastating for us. And I had to return to a job where I had a 4-5 hour per day commute, on top of working full time. I was taking care of my wife and kids, studying for new high level certifications my job was requiring of me. I was regrouping myself to continue growing my business up the right way this time as well. 

You can probably imagine how giving up the dream life we thought we had obtained was devastating for us. I had to go back to the drawing board. I had to learn from the failures, and learn the lessons I needed to learn to go forward and build a more sustainable, reliable, and consistent monthly income next time!

We All Have A Choice on How We Handle Adversity

To be frank it was like a gut punch, the wind was completely knocked out of us, emotionally, mentally, physically, etc... But what are you going to do about it? I knew I could either sit there and do nothing and throw myself a pitty party, be depressed, and just sit in the sorrow. But really what good would that do? Would that give any value for our lives, or provide any true benefit to help enrich our lives. The answer is NO! I had to get up, regroup, replan, and move forward! 

I would not be denied, I would rebuild this time the right way, the sustainable way! I would focus on the long term and I would earn my FREEDOM back! 

You have the same choice right now no matter where you are in the pursuit of the life you really want as well.

You can either live and be controlled by your past and present, or you can decide to move on, have faith, and create your future!

After this adversity, I had to decide to look to the future each day. I had to decide to put in the consistent work and grind over a period of time. I had to decide to be committed to build a long term sustainable business and stay consistent each and every day when not seeing any results for awhile.

The reason many people don't succeed in online business it's not because they can't, but because they aren't willing to stay consistent enough over time to get results.

How To Stay Consistent When You Aren’t Seeing Results Yet

Since overcoming that adversity we had I have been hustling in the background and grinding like crazy to achieve our goals and dreams.

Many people would have given up and did after an adversity like that. But I want to tell you the truth, that if you want to become successful in any business you have to understand that this level consistency and massive action over time is the minimum requirement for success.

After our adversity above, I literally was grinding and hustling for a whole year without ANY results. That is until having no results until I hit around the year mark. Just before the year mark of our new business we started making over $1020 per month in our business finally! And it's only up and up from here!

I share all this not to uplift us, but to inspire and encourage YOU for your future and success. If you want to be successful you have to learn how to push through the challenges and adversities that come your way. And trust me, I want to tell you the TRUTH, they WILL come. But that's okay because you will grow so much, learn so much, and become so much better in the process!

Growing A Successful Business is Not Easy But It's Worth It!

Growing a successful business is not easy, and it requires alot of hard work, but it is SO WORTH IT! It can provide so much fulfillment, freedom, time freedom, location freedom, and financial freedom to your life! 

Yea growing an online business hard work, but its hard work worth putting in to make your dreams become your reality!

Growing a successful business takes you growing yourself and your mindset consistently, and being willing to invest in yourself! 

You must be willing to put money behind your words and invest in courses, training, and mentorship! This is what successful people and entrepreneurs do because it works.

If you are not willing to invest money in growing yourself and a business then don't even start because you will fail. If you try to do everything on your own you will fail, because you don't know what you don't know. You will make too many mistakes, and you will get frustrated at why you are not getting the results you really want.

Don't underestimate the true value and return on investment in a step by step by step training course, program, or getting a coach or mentor. This is something I wish I had done WAY sooner then I did. It would have literally saved us tens of thousands of dollars in the long run. Even though it costs a money investment to get a mentor or a course it's SO worth it! The return on investment you get ends up paying for itself time and time again! Investing in yourself is always the best investment you can make!

FOCUS and Consistency Are Keys To Your Success 

how to stay consistent when you aren't seeing results yet

Growing a successful business takes FOCUS, sacrifice, and Constancy over a long period of time! Play the long game, and learn to LOVE the journey and process!

If you this do then you will reap the rewards for the rest of your life. You will truly pay the price to achieve what you want. You will truly achieve the lifestyle of your dreams and the freedom you truly desire in every area.

"Consistency over time creates amazing results."

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"FOCUS by Following One Course Until Successful"

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Quick Note Tip:

Some additional and massive keys on how to stay consistent when you are seeing results yet are here in this quick tip. If you learn how to do these you will love the journey which is key to staying consistent.

Learn to actually fall in LOVE with your daily journey, and the daily process.

Learn how to actually get fulfillment from the daily process and massive action your are putting in. 

You can't be too attached to the end result, that just ends up getting in your head to much and causing discouragement. Discouragement leads to lack of belief and faith, which leads to a lack of action, which leads to poor results. 

Learning to love and actually enjoy the journey and the process is a massive key to patience and consistency in the process!

Have Realistic Expectations of The Time It Takes, Enjoy The Process, and Stay Consistent! 

stay consistent

Conclusion of The Productivity Planner Review

The key on how to stay consistent when you are seeing results yet comes down just deciding to do the following;

1) Invest in growing yourself and your mindset consistently. Invest in a course, program, getting a coach and mentor

2) Have realistic expectations of the time it truly takes to build a successful business, and what is a reasonable timeline.

3) Set realistic goals that are 100% obtainable for you to hit which will build faith, belief, and encouragement. 

4) Learn to love, enjoy, and find fulfillment in the daily journey and process.

5) Set S.M.A.R.T goals.

6) Read books at least 10 pages of a self development or improvement book per day, or listen to youtube self development videos to grow yourself each and every day.

7) Whenever you are struggling with consistency, commit to coming back to watch this video above and post to encourage yourself!

8) See your personal and skillsets growth you are making as results, and results that produce the end result.

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