Are Your Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back?

Are Your Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back Post Video


One of the things we all have to be honest with ourselves about when we are wanting to actually make our own dreams become our reality is how we are getting in our own way of accomplishing what we want? We all have limiting beliefs that are holding us back from the next level of achievement, but the differing factor between those who achieve success, and those who fail, is that people who succeed in achieving their dreams don’t let their limiting beliefs define them or what they can accomplish. The question is are your limiting beliefs holding you back from what you truly what to achieve in your life?

Limiting beliefs just hold us back from really accomplishing want we desire and dream of in our lives. Top athletes and entrepreneurs have to continually grow themselves, their beliefs, and mindset in order to accomplish the next level of desired success. The biggest dream killer in many people’s lives is not actually lack of ability, but rather lack of beliefs that people have that hinder them from living and accomplishing what they really are truly capable of. You see, most people are so much more capable than they realize or give themselves credit for.

We all have beliefs and story’s we continually tell ourselves in our thoughts as well that we allow to define what we can do, achieve, and accomplish. The first step to success and achieving what we really want in life is first to realize and believe that we actually can and that the only thing that stands in our way of us accomplishing our dreams is ourselves. I have found this to be so true in my journey for success as well. In coaching others time and time again I have seen the difference between people who succeed and people who fail, and one major factor that hinders people who fail are the limiting beliefs they have, the reasons, stories, and excuses they continually tell themselves about themselves of why they can’t, or why they won’t make it, or how hard it is.. etc etc.. the list goes on… People who succeed have learned that they can truly accomplish anything they put their mind too, they have learned to believe in their dreams, to them it’s not a matter of if, it’s only a matter of when and time. They know that they know their dreams will become their reality because they choose to believe, they choose to simply work for it and keep learning with consistency until it happens, and their dreams become their daily realities.

A major key to overcoming limiting beliefs is to first define and write down what you truly want your life to be, what you truly want to accomplish, and why. Really reflect on this, write it down, pretend you could accomplish anything and there were no limits to it, make sure it’s very important to you, that you are passionate and emotional about it. These are signs that it truly does matter to you, which means you will have the drive to go now and make them happen. Once you have defined your goals, dreams, and desires, the life you truly dream of if there were no limits at all, now take another piece of paper and write down everything that has been keeping you back from actually pursuing these things daily, write down what has been holding you back from working towards your dreams and goals every day consistently? What is it? What has been holding you back? What beliefs and stories have you been telling yourself about why you can’t make these become realities fast? Reflect on this, write it all down. And now realize that every single dream you have you can truly achieve and make happen if you decide to get out of your own way. See this is what I had to do in my life is get out of my own way, and I realized and I truly believed that I can accomplish anything I wanted to and I just went after it all in!

Now it’s time to crush those limiting beliefs and replace those with positive beliefs of why you can accomplish your dreams, and why you are actually now going to! In order to do this make sure you are feeding your mind, thoughts, and emotions content that is uplifting and helping you grow your mindset and belief in yourself and where you are going, and what you ARE accomplishing now. The best way to do this is to find others who are or already have accomplished what you want and follow them online, consume their content, read their books, consume their youtube content. Another powerful way to truly create new beliefs that are truly helping you accomplish your dreams is to actually associate with others that have accomplished what you want, or at least are headed in the same direction.

I hope this has inspired you to believe that you can truly accomplish the life of your dreams and that you can truly make your goals and dreams become your reality. Lindsey and I want you to know that we believe in you, and plan to publish a lot more content here in order to help you do just this and create whatever Freedom in your life you are truly after.

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