my 2018 annual review


In this post I am taking the time to share my 2018 annual review, as I dive into the previous year of 2018 to extract all my successes, failures, and lessons learned from the previous year. Taking the time to reflect on the previous year helps us to massively improve in the next year of 2019.


This is a new annual practice I'm starting in addition to how I share my annual goals and resolutions every year. This is something that I have personally learned to do from my mentor and coach that I know is going to really help improve my success in 2019!

The purpose of my 2018 annual review is to make sure to take the time to reflect back on the previous year. This helps me to intentionally acknowledge all of the successes and accomplishments of the year. 

By taking the time to celebrate all of your wins it gives so much positive certainty, and motivation for achieving future goals. It also just feels so good and positive to take the time to make sure you are truly celebrating your wins and achievements!

In addition to reviewing the wins, we need to also take the time to carefully review all of the failures, setbacks, challenges that caused us to come up short on those goals.

The point of carefully looking at failures and challenges is so that you can really learn some valuable lessons from them. If we are never taking the time to learn from our failures and challenges, then nothing is preventing us from getting stuck in a continuous failure pattern with our goals and life. 

When I looked at my 2018 year failures and challenges, I was asking myself this questions to really extract all the lessons I could from the year:

  1. Why did I fall short of this goal?
  2. What can I learn from the experiences I had pursuing this goal? 
  3. What is the good that I can learn from this failure or challenge?
  4. How can I make sure this failure or challenge is avoided the next time?

Reviewing each failure and challenge of 2018 in this way helped me to ensure that I don't make the same mistakes over and over. This helps me make sure I have a better winning plan for my goals in the next year of 2019, which gives me a much better opportunity to easily achieve my goals. 

I have posted more value on this blog post below but also recorded a video on "my 2018 annual review" on our youtube channel that is embedded here below.

Watch the video here below:

Successes, Failures, & Lessons Learned


  • Celebrating breakthrough in our new passive income business by hitting $579 in November and $1353+ish Passive Income in December 2018!
  • Completed 30 day morning ritual challenge and won access to a life coaching program where I got coaching that helped take our business and results to the breakthrough we had.
  • Made connections with with business relationships and coaches that helped take our life and results to the next level in 2018.
  • Went on our first life changing cruise as a family for 9 nights to the Bahamas and had the time of our lives! (ALWAYS REWARD YOURSELF WHEN YOU HIT YOUR GOALS!)
  • FSCE #212 took the fist 4-5 months of the 2018 year full-time
  • Purchased and completed a new great online course in 2018 that taught me how to make more passive income in our self publishing business.
  • Grew our team of a few Virtual Assistants (VAs) who are helping us build our self publishing business.


  • Lack of great clarity and focus in businesses of what the ONE most important thing is that I should be putting my time and focus to for building a passive income in 2018.
  • Not really breaking through and figuring out our new passive income stream increasing until the last two months of the year of 2018. 
  • Working really hard, but not always working smart on the things that would produce the immediate passive income.
  • Busy work but not really doing enough or getting enough actually DONE! 
  • Action plans were lacking


  • How to really set goals that I can achieve every time the right way with the correct action plans.
  • Perfected the best way to plan my day and the highest leverage activities for maximizing daily productivity towards my goals.
  • Dramatically improved my speed of implementation in my business with what I learned and then implemented in my business.
  • Follow through on ONE thing and speed of implementation on thing was lacking from what it should have been. 
  • Found myself doing busy work on my website and youtube channel and businesses, but not making enough money moves. Will fix that in 2019!
  • Learned how to work a LOT smarter and hard and the same time in our business
  • Learned to LOVE the process of going after progress each day more, instead of being so attached to the end results. This is a key for success I learned from my business mentor!
quote setting goals helps bring your future into your present and the present is the only zig ziglar

I love this quote by Zig Ziglar about goal setting. That "Setting goals helps bring your future into your present and the present is the only time we can take action."

My 2018 Annual Review Passive Income Progress at The End of 2018!

2019 Passive Income Progress

Let's All Climb the Mountain to $10k Per Month! 

WE ENDED December month of 2018 somewhere around $1,300 Per Month in Pure Passive Income in our new business! As I said I will know at the end of January 2019 what our exact report and income direct deposit is for our business.

Again we didn't spend ANY time whatsoever earning that $1353 in December it is true passive income! Now time to double and triple that!

I love love getting these complete and pure passive income direct deposits into our bank account like these from November earnings (Like I said above December looks to be around $1353 more than doubling our November passive income earnings!):

Passive Income Direct Deposits
December 2018 Earnings deposits


This was truly a life changing and amazing 9-night trip and first ever cruise for our little family! My wife Lindsey and I had the best time in the world with our kids on this cruise as well. 

The cruise we went on was by the Royal Caribbean, and we were just blown away by the experience, the high quality service, food in the main dining room, and just the whole trip and experiences we had. 

To be honest we were not sure if we were going to like causing or not but it had been a dream of mine to go on a cruise! I love boats, and I love the water... We both absolutely loved it, and cannot wait to go again! 

Here are some memorable moments from our trip...


All Aboard!

All Aboard Ship Call at the Baltimore, MD Port!

our ship

This Was Our Royal Caribbean Ship!

Us on the ship in Baltimore MD Port Before Setting Sail and Heading to Perfect Weather and The Bahamas!

Us at Baltimore port
our family at Baltimore port

We Had SO Much FUN!

my son Keenan and myself with Sydney the best server

My Son and Myself at our reserved table in the main dining room, with Sidney in the background who was our server on the cruise! I have never had service so GOOD! We now see Sidney as a dear friend! I have to also give a shoutout to the other server assistant who served us SO excellently named Elmer.

indoor pool night swim

Having a fun night swim in the indoor pool on the cruise!

His first rock-climbing experience was on the cruise, and he LOVED it! So much fun!

seafood risotto

Had amazing food by the chef like this amazing seafood risotto! The food was amazing!

Amazing Broadway Shows on the Cruise "Rhythm & Rhyme" which was a recap of all the famous Broadway shows!

An Adventure of a Lifetime!

Breakfast time

We loved our breakfast time together every single morning! Looking out at an amazing view of the sea!
Lindsey and Keenan at breakfast

They made amazing gluten free breakfests for us every morning with gluten free bread!

we loved our breakfast time

Love traveling and cruising with our kids! 

breakfast with Gloria

Just having a blast together is all!

our amazing view at breakfast

This was our amazing view at breakfast, this one was from a rainy morning. 

The Bahamas:

We had a blast Paddle Boarding and Kayaking in Nassau, Bahamas at the British Colonial Hilton Resort for a day! Highly recommend you do this if you spend time in Nassau. Here is the link to how we spent the day Info Here!
keenan snorkeling

He was learning to snorkel in Nassau, with our ship in the background!

He was pumped he found some crabs, a Conch, and we snorkeled out to the sunken ship and plane 

They loved feeding the fish on the private island!

Nassau Resort for a day

We were snorkeling here as well with our kids and saw a huge Stingray swim by below us! They serve your fresh food and drinks to you right on the beach here as well. 


Drop the anchor, it's private island day at Coco Cay!

coco cay view and fun

Coco Cay private island was amazing, and we were served an amazing fresh lunch right next to the beach where this photo was taken! The fresh seafood paella was my personal fav food of the day!

Gloria paddle boarding

She loved paddle boarding!

Coco Cay Private Island day!

We had an amazing time in the Bahamas!

sunsets at sea

There are amazing sunsets out at sea! These images don't do them justice! They cause you to reflect on your life, God, goals, achievements, and progress in a great way!

Sunsets at sea are beautiful

Sunsets at sea are beautiful and breathtaking! 

on the way home

Yep, it's safe to say we are now MASSIVE cruising and Royal Caribbean fans!

Make sure you set rewards such as trips like these and getaways, or whatever really motivates YOU for yourself as a reward for achieving your goals!

As we hit our next goals and benchmarks along the way we will continue to reward ourselves with trips, cruises, weekend getaways etc.. as rewards for us hitting our goals and monthly and quarterly benchmarks!

Rewarding yourself in ways that inspire you that much more for hitting goals and winning is one of the most under utilized weapons people need to use for more future success!



Zig Ziglar Quote If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time

"If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time." -Zig Ziglar

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 “If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” -Jim Rohn

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Quick Note Tips for Reviewing Your 2018 Year:

1) Ask yourself "what kept me from living my best year in 2018, and how can I fix that in 2019?"

2) Ask yourself "what were all my failures and challenges from 2018, and what can I learn from each of them?" 

3) Take time for yourself here and really write everything down! Grab a cup of coffee, put yourself in an inspiring environment, put on some music that motivates or inspires you... and take the time to truly reflect on 2018! This will take some hours and thats OKAY... it's SO worth it! 

4) What were your WINS and successes that you can celebrate from 2018?! List them all out no matter how small your think they maybe. Give yourself a pat on the back for your victories! 

5) Once you have completed the first 4 steps, and now that you have written them all down, how can you make sure 2019 is your best year yet?

6) What are you going to do now to make sure you don't make the same mistakes, and that you actually apply all the lessons you learned to your 2019 goals?

7) Write your goals and resolutions for 2019 and your monthly and weekly action plans that will allow you to easily achieve them!

8) Find a similarly motivated and consistent person to be your accountability buddy this year for each of your goals!

9) Watch this video on how to plan your days effectivly to make your goals happen and check out the daily Productivity Planner here I use to get WAY more done and progress made each and every day!

Now go crush 2019 and have the best year of breakthrough you have ever had in your LIFE!! Happy New Year! 

Conclusion of My 2018 Annual Review

In concluding you can truly create whatever life you want if you believe that you can. It just consistently grow yourself, improve what you are doing right and correct what you do wrong, set new goals that you will stay consistent with, and just keep going!

One of my favorite quotes is by Henry Ford when he said "Whether you think you can or your can't, you're right."

If you want to get started TODAY on changing your life and creating true passive income in 2019 then access our free training course call our "Freedom Life Now Toolkit by clicking the "Get Instant Access" button below now. 

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