my january 2019 monthly goals report

My January 2019 Monthly Goals Report

Every month I write a detailed report of the progress I am making on My Goals and Resolutions that I publicly declared at the beginning of this year. I am blown away at the progress we have made already in January on our goals. I hope this really progress inspires you to take MASSIVE consistent action with your goals in 2019.


We share our results and progress as a way for us to purposely document our journey to success, and to let our content actually make a massive difference in other peoples lives. That's really our big goal here, is to help inspire and equip YOU to create a life of freedom. We want to truly help you take your life to the next level, and make YOUR goals and dreams become a reality in your life.

I can't WAIT to share this MASSIVE breakthrough we have had on our goals this last month of January 2019!

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My January 2019 Monthly Goals Report


1. We will easily be making at least $10,000 per month passive income $120,000/year through our Self Publishing business itself consistently by the end of this year December 31st, 2019.


Progress Bar To $10k Per Month Goal!
To Goal!
2019 Passive Income Progress

What a fantastic month, and one of our biggest breakthrough in passive income yet. Our goal for this month was to hit $2,000 at least in passive income for our self publishing business, and $3,000 per month for end of Q1, but we absolutely blew that out of the water. 

I can't believe that we are already making this much progress in true passive income towards our annual goal of $10,000 per month. As far as true passive income goes, this is the largest amount of passive income I've ever made in a month. This was passive income that we literally did not spend one single minute on in January earning it. It was and is truly passive income!

I'm excited to see where our monthly passive income will end up by the end of the year, as well as how consistent our passive income grows month to month.

While it may be impressive that I was able to generate this amount of money in a month, it's always important to keep in mind that I did not get here overnight. It's taken me years of hard work, learning and consistent effort to build the multiple online businesses and income streams that I've developed.  I also often remind people that the money you earn is merely a reflection of the amount of value that you've added to other people's lives.  If you focus on adding massive value and helping people, you will be rewarded for that.  That is what I continue to focus on every day and what I'm most proud of.

*We make more money online if you include product and course affiliate commissions we earn. This above amount is just from our Publishing business and is true passive income!

2. We will easily pay off $20,000 more of debt by the end of this year December 31st, 2019.

  • Progress Update: We have paid off $612 so far in 2019

    3. We will easily publish 50+ new books for our Self Publishing business by the end of this year December 31st, 2019.

    (This goal #3 as you see is the "process goal" that allows us to hit and makes our "Financial Goals" above a reality. Always have the process goals which are the things you can control in order to hit the financial goals etc.)

    4. We will easily finish and open the new Freedom Life Now Toolkit for our website and business in 2019.

    5. I will continue to take my life, results, and success to the next level through my powerful morning ritual / routine each day in 2019.

    6. I will easily hire our first manager and team member of our Freedom Life Now team by the end of this year December 31st, 2019. 

    7. I will easily share our journey and progress on these goals and results on our YouTube Channel and Freedom Life Now website blog, while positively impacting thousands of lives in 2019.

    8. We will easily have 12 monthly meetings of our local entrepreneur Fredericksburg Mastermind Group, while keeping each other accountable on each of our goals and businesses in 2019 by December 31st, 2019.

    9. I will easily hire our accountants office to also do our businesses monthly books and bookkeeping for us, in order to outsource that to the experts and stay on top of all our monthly business accounting in 2019. We will easily hire this service by March 31st, 2019!

  • Goal #9 Progress Update: GOAL ACHIEVED January 2019!

    10. I will easily start working out and exercising at least twice per week this year of 2019 by running, lifting weights, etc. consistently by the end of this year December 31st, 2019.

    11. I will easily figure out how I want to eat really healthy and diet this year by the end of January 2019 and stick to it consistently to fuel and heal my body by the end of this year December 31st, 2019.

  • Goal #11 Progress Update: GOAL ACHIEVED January 2019! 
  • I will easily and consistently eat only whole foods, while avoiding any process foods, fried foods, any breads/buns or processed grains, etc.. I will easily increase eating many salads whenever that's an option, and easily increase consuming health green smoothies etc. by end of this year December 31st, 2019.
  • 12. I will easily take daily probiotics and any other supplements I need for my health plan consistently in 2019.

  • Goal #12 Progress Update: Been taking Probiotics and Concentrated Vitamin D drops every morning so far!

    13. Attend our weekly church services most weeks this year in 2019.

    14. I will easily listen to the entire New Testament in the Bible in audiobook format by the end of this year December 31st, 2019.

    15. I will easily read at least 5 pages of a self-development, entrepreneurship, or business book everyday in 2019 to take my life, business, and results to the next level in 2019.


    16. We will easily focus and get time for our friendship and marriage relationship through more regular dates and quality time, by going on dates just the two of us at least twice per month in 2019.

    17. We will easily get more quality time and dates with our two kids each month in 2019!

    18. I will easily have at least 12 more one-on-one fun daddy daughter, and daddy son dates with my daughter and son this year in 2019.


    19. I will easily achieve complete FREEDOM from having to work a 9-5 job, and to have the choice and freedom to be able to live a life of complete freedom on my terms, by the end of this year December 31st, 2019.

    20. We will easily go on another amazing and life changing cruise or trip to another amazing location by the end of this year December 31st, 2019.

  • Goal #20 Progress Update: Feb 1st Booked Yet Another 7 Night Cruise to Bahamas for March 2019, as a reward for us crushing our passive income Q1 goal in January first month of the year!

  • 21. We will easily go on at least 2+ more fun weekend getaway trips as a family by the end of this year December 31st, 2019.

    22. We will easily visit a theme park as a family with our kids and have a blast at least six times+ this year, by the end of this year December 31st, 2019.

    23. I will easily hire our first housekeeper to help with our house to outsource and help with that area of our lives more in 2019.

    24. I will easily hire a lawn care service to help mow and keep our lawn to outsource and help with that area of our lives monthly in 2019.

  • In planning and discussions about this now getting quotes soon.
  • quote setting goals helps bring your future into your present and the present is the only zig ziglar

    I love this quote by Zig Ziglar about goal setting. That "Setting goals helps bring your future into your present and the present is the only time we can take action."

    My Passive Income Goal Progress Tracking in 2019

    Right here on this page as well as my goal progress reports I will be updating my progress throughout the year towards my $10k per month passive income goal. I'm going to "climb the mountain" as you see below.

    We have active income in our business but our goal is to increase the true passive income in our business as that is what creates the true life of FREEDOM we dream to achieve for our lives.

    I have also included a another image below without my picture on it so that you can follow along in your life if you have the same goal of $10k per month by the end of 2019. Please follow along in our journey and even join in with your own goals this year!

    I am waiting for the exact income report and direct deposits that will come from our December 2018 earnings at the end of January 2019, that will show us exactly what our passive income earnings where in the Month of December and what Monthly Passive Income we ended the year 2018 at. 

    Right now from what I'm seeing we ended 2018 somewhere around $1,300 per month in passive income! This is not a massive amount but remember it's PURE PASSIVE income! I did ZERO work to earn this money in December! Now that we have this breakthrough in our business our goal is to scale up this passive income majorly in 2019, in order to create the Freedom Life Now that we dream of for our family!

    Here go's to 2019 as we climb our goal mountain to hit $10k per month in pure passive income this year!

    Let's Climb the Mountain to $10k Per Month! 

    We ended January 2019 just above $6,000 in True Passive Income!


    The famous Zig Ziglar once said; "If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time"... This was one of the first quotes my first business mentor and coach taught me about goal setting. Yes you also need to understand and learn to set goals the correct way, and it a way with a action plan you will actually stay consistent with the entire year. But the reality is, if you don't even take the time to set goals, then of course you won't hit any targets, dreams, or goals that you have for your life. 

    If you don't take the time to set goals you will find that the lack of aiming at targets in your life will cause you to not hit any targets or goals. This what Zig Ziglar was referring to. That if you don't aim at anything in your life, you won't accomplish anything in your life...

    If you aim at nothing, you will hit and accomplish nothing every time. 

    Zig Ziglar Quote If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time

    Goal Setting Workshop: How To Set Your Goals For The Year

    As you can see in the image above from the daily planning for each day, there are really eight elements of the daily productivity planning. 

    Follow These Goal Setting Steps:

    1) Have a Goal Setting Brian Storming Session!

    2) Inspiring Quotes

    3) Most Important Task of The Day

    4) Pomodoro Time Tracking

    5) Secondary Tasks of Importance

    6) Room For Additional Tasks

    7) Notes Section

    8) And Daily Productivity Score Tracking for Improvement

    "If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time." -Zig Ziglar

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    "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit" -Aristotle

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    Quick Note Tips for Goal Setting in 2019:

    1) Make sure you are very clear on your yearly and quarterly goals, that you set them using the S.M.A.R.T principle.

    2) Make sure you have process goals that lead to the results goals you have. For example if you want to make $10k per month as a goal, well you then need to have the process goal or actions goals for each month that ultimately lead to the result goal. For example you will release or publish a specific amount of new products for sale each month is one example of this. Focus on what you can personally control that leads to the end results. 

    3) Use Evernote or The Productivity Planner that I talk about in a blog post and video you can see by clicking here, in order to plan your day effectively. This will help you plan the days highest leverage activities that lead to achieving your monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals that you set.

    4) Focus on only ONE way of making income and ONE business until you are successful. Divided focus is one of the biggest reasons new entrepreneurs fail. Hey, I have learned this several times the hard way myself. If we want to hit our goals in 2019, we must FOCUS on ONE thing! 

    F.O.C.U.S stands for;






    This is the time to be really honest with your desired goals, and what truly are the highest leverage activities that will lead to their achievement. You do this and you will find you accomplish and achieve more then you ever have before! 

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