Here we are! We are now publicly declaring our goals and resolutions with the launch of our new Blog at Freedom Life Now. We know that in doing this creates that extra internal motivation to take massive action to complete and accomplish the goals we have set for ourselves to accomplish this year. Not only does publicly declaring our goals and resolutions create that extra aspect of accountability to make yourself do what it takes to achieve your goals, but it also helps you to raise the standards and must have expectations of yourself to force you to perform at the level you need to in order to really make your goals and dreams become a reality. We also plan to be doing monthly goal report progress updates here on our blog and “goals reports” page so that we will be able to document our journey and progress along the way to making our current goals become realities. We hope that by us documcntmenting our journey from where we are now, to accomplishing our goals, and where we are going to be due to the power of goal setting, taking massive action, and putting certain tools in place to make sure we can measure progress and massive action, that you all will be inspired for your own lives and goals. We hope that we will be able to inspire and impact others that you can truly accomplish anything if you put the right goals, plan, and tools in place, take massive action and just flat out make them happen.

Accountability is one of the most powerful factors in achieving goals and resolutions to help push further each day, but you must also have a very strong WHY that pulls you forward each day to accomplish your dreams and goals. Your goals also must be your new “MUST HAVES”, we don’t always get what we want or desire all the time, but we usually always find a way in our lives to accomplish our standards in our lives. Have you noticed that?

If you feel encouraged to make this year happen! What we do today determines whether our dreams, goals, and resolutions come true tomorrow! Let’s make this year 2017 the best year we have ever had in making massive progress in designing the life we truly dream of.

We hope that by us sharing our goals, resolutions, and progress that we have inspired you for your life. For progress reports, updates, and other value packed content we will be releasing make sure to subscribe to our free email news letter and gain access to the FREE Freedom Life Now Toolkit as well. Make sure to check us out and subscribe to our Freedom Life Now YouTube channel as well to get notified for all the videos and content we are releasing




  1. We will easily be making $10,000 per month consistently by the end of the year December 31st, 2017
  2. We will easily launch our FreedomLifeNow.com Blog & Website by the end of this month June 31st 2017!
  3. We will easily launch our first and new product training course on our FreedomLifeNow website by the end of this month June 31st 2017!
  4. We will easily launch our new monthly mentoring and coaching program on our FreedomLifeNow website by the end of this month June 31st 2017!
  5. We will easily launch our new 1-on-1 Coaching application on our FreedomLifeNow website by the end of this month June 31st 2017!
  6. I will continue to take our life, results, and success through my powerful morning ritual everyday!
  7. I will take our life, success, and results to the next level by reading at least 10 pages per day of a success, self-development, or business book!
  8. We will easily hire first team member for our Freedom Life Now team by the end of this year December 31st, 2017!
  9. We will easily publish 90+ Videos on the Freedom Life Now YouTube channel, while impacting thousands of lives by December 31, 2017
  10. We will easily publish 90+ Blog posts on the Freedom Life Now website blog, while impacting thousands of lives by December 31, 2017
  1. We will easily travel to the Gulf beaches in Florida for an entire month this year 2017!
  2. Family time boating on the lake this year!
  3. Travel with our family and take a lake & boating vacation this year 2017!
  1. We will easily follow the Ketogenic way of eating
  2. I will easily be extremely fit through my running workout program and running 13.1 miles under 1 hour and 45 minutes by December 31, 2017!
  1. We easily get quality time with our kids by getting purposeful play time with them each day!
  2. We will build a tightly nit family and friendship with each other together with our kids!
  3. We will easily bond as a family by going to our church every Sunday together!
  4. We will easily start homeschooling our kids this year 2017!


Please leave a comment below or let us know any questions you have.  We’d love to hear what you think!

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