our 2018 goals and resolutions

Our 2018 Goals And Resolutions

Our 2018 Goals And Resolutions is what I discuss and share about in this video and blog post. Here we are now publicly declaring our 2018 goals and resolutions. I know that in doing this creates that strong internal motivation to take massive action daily. This helps to complete and accomplish the goals we have set for ourselves to accomplish this year.

By publicly declaring our 2018 goals and resolutions this creates that extra aspect of accountability to make ourselves do what it takes to achieve our goals. It also helps to raise our standards and must have expectations of ourselves. This helps to force ourselves to perform at the next level that we need to. Performing at that next level really helps make our goals and dreams become a reality in our life.

I also plan to be doing monthly goal report progress updates here on our blog on the “goals reports” page. This will be progress updates for our 2018 goals and resolutions on our blog and YouTube Channel. This way we will be able to document and share our journey and progress along the way. This will help in the journey to making our current goals become realities. We hope that you will be inspired by us documenting the journey. That by seeing where we are now to accomplishing our goals, will be inspiring for your life.

We believe that we can achieve our goals by taking massive action on them. I have a daily massive action plan that I follow each day to make massive progress. Consider subscribing if you want to be notified when I release all these free trainings on how I do it. By me putting certain tools in place daily, this helps to make sure that I can measure the progress.

I hope that our journey will help inspire you, and help show what is possible when you take action. I hope that we will be able to inspire and impact many others through our journey. You can truly accomplish anything if you put the right goals, plan, and tools in place. If you take massive action on your plan and just flat out make them happen you will amaze yourself. You will really see how fast that you start making great progress towards your goals.

Accountability is one of the most powerful factors in achieving goals and resolutions to help push further each day, but you must also have a very strong WHY that pulls you forward each day to accomplish your dreams and goals. Your goals also must be your new “MUST HAVES”, we don’t always get what we

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Our 2018 Goals And Resolutions:


1. I will easily be making my first $3,000 per month passive income $36,000/year through my Kindle Publishing business consistently by the end of this year December 31st, 2018

2. I will easily open our monthly mentoring and coaching program the Online Business Fast Tracker on our FreedomLifeNow.com website by the end of this year by December 31st, 2018!

3. I will easily reopen and set up new email marketing campaigns for our FreedomLifeNow.com business.

4. I will easily reopen and setup the new Freedom Life Now Toolkit for our FreedomLifeNow.com business.

5. I will continue to take my life, results, and success to the next level through my powerful morning ritual!

6. I will easily hire first member of my team or Virtual Assistant team member for our Freedom Life Now team by the end of this yearDecember 31st, 2018!

7. I will easily publish 103+ Videos on our Freedom Life Now YouTube channel, reaching 125 videos on the channel while impacting hundreds of lives by December 31, 2018

8. I will easily publish 103+ Blog posts on the Freedom Life Now website blog, while impacting thousands of lives by December 31, 2018

9. I will easily grow our YouTube channel from current 146 Subscribers to at least 2,000+ subscribers by the end of the yearDecember 31st, 2018!

10. We will easily pay off at least 1 of our current debts by the end of the year by December 31st, 2018 (#10 ACHIEVED/COMPLETED!)


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