our september 2018 goals report

Our September 2018 Goals Report

Our September 2018 goals report is pretty exciting for us! We are excited to share all the progress and momentum we are making now towards achieving our goals. I hope that this post about our September 2018 goals report really helps to inspire you for your life.

Every month we do a video update and write a detailed monthly goals report on the progress that we’re making. This shares the progress towards our goals and resolutions that we publicly declare on our blog at the beginning of the year.

This post is our September 2018 monthly goals report. In this video below and blog post we go over each and every goal and give the progress update report that we have made towards these goals so far. This is an exciting update as we have been grinding and hustling in the background this year to make massive progress!

We are sharing our monthly goals reports to help provide that public accountability. Sharing our goals publicly helps us move towards and achieve our goals and resolutions. We hope that in sharing our goals, and monthly progress openly that we will inspire others to go after and achieve their goals for their own lives. It’s our hope that you can take away something from this report and video that will help inspire you to achieve your own goals and dreams.



Our September 2018 Goals Report Progress

1) I will easily be making my first $3,000 per month passive income $36,000/year through my Self-Publishing business consistently by the end of this year December 31st, 2018!

September 2018 Progress Update for goal 1: In September we have 4 more books in the process of being published. So this month we are making good progress towards this goal.

2) I will easily publish 12+ new Books by the end of this year December 31st,

September 2018 Progress Update for goal 2: In September for goal 2 we have 4 new books in the process. I stated this in goal 1, so good progress here so far.

3) I will easily record and publish 12+ new YouTube videos and Blog Posts, and Relaunch the Freedom Life Now Toolkit, by the end of this year December 31st, 2018!

September 2018 Progress Update for goal 3: In September for goal 3 we recorded 4 new videos to published. I also published the first one on our YouTube Channel and Blog so we are on track!

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