We quit our jobs to live the dream

We Quit Our Jobs To Live The Dream

This huge announcement of how “We Quit Our Jobs To Live The Dream” was a day we will remember forever. Coming to you from Maui Hawaii in this video, where we were spending time, traveling, and having fun with other successful entrepreneurs in Maui.

We had found ourselves in a place of life where I had a very successful career as a Senior Network Engineer, working 100% remotely from my laptop for a company, that offered me a very nice salary. What more could I want, I even had the laptop lifestyle with my job?… Well making a great money is fine, but if you don’t have the time freedom and income to enjoy your time what’s the point right? We found ourselves still in a place of trading time for money, working long hours to make money, pay the bills, keep the lights on, to have a little left over at the end of the month to save if we were lucky. We quickly realized this was not the life we wanted to live for the next 30, 40,or 50 years… Heck, we didn’t even want to live that way for another two years. We desired, and needed a change! We wanted to be able to say someday soon that “We Quit Our Jobs To Live The Dream”.

Fast forward our lives only 7 months and we had DONE IT! We actually did it! We Quit Our Jobs To Live The Dream!

Watch The Video Here On “We Quit Our Jobs To Live The Dream”:

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Living the Freedom Life Now!

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