So, what’s holding you back? One of the key’s for success and moving forward towards our dreams and goals, is being able to define what is holding us back from making those goals and dreams a reality in our life. If we can define what is holding us back from our desired results this often can help us determine how we can move from that state of being stuck into a place where we are making massive progress towards our goals & dreams. And massive progress over time equals fulfillment of our goals and dreams making them become our daily reality.

Defining and being honest with ourselves as to what is holding us back from our desired results is always the first step to overcoming those hurdles or roadblocks if you will, which empowers us to reshape our game plan in such a way that we demolish the road block and actually begin making massive progress.

The key is be in daily motion towards your goals, if you are reading this and you are not in motion then get in motion. The next step define your roadblocks so that you can develop the game plan to crush through them. If you are not daily taking massive action and in motion daily then you have nothing to work with, you have nothing to tweak because you are not taking action. The first step to success is take massive action with what you learn and then adjust and make the tweaks as you go with your game plan for massive progress towards your desired outcomes.

If you are in motion and taking massive action this good for you! You are taking massive action towards accomplishing your goals and dreams in the future and should be really proud of yourself. Now that you are taking massive action you can work with that, and get better as you go. As you go and as you encounter road blocks don’t be discouraged by them but embrace them as learning experiences, and opportunities to make small adjustments and minor course corrections to deal with them. Alone the the path to success you will have roadblocks and encounter setbacks but that is just part of the journey to success that everyone has to experience.

Have you ever heard the saying “try, fail, adjust, then try, fail, and adjust again”? Embrace the fact that the journey to success and the realization of your goals and dreams, is filled with little hurdles, roadblocks, and failures if you will along the way that are just opportunities for you to learn and make some tweaks to be even better, as well as to get better results. This is all progress, and as long as your are making progress you are accomplishing your goals and dreams over time!

Once you have determined what’s holding you back you can now define a solid game plan to over come that hurdle with massive action. The two aspects that are going to really be keys for you overcoming each hurdle that you encounter are that you take massive action with your new game plan to overcome what’s was holding you back, and that you take massive action with stubborn daily consistency! You can be doing all the right actions for you business, but if you are not consistent over time you will fail. You have to be consistent in anything if you want results. Just know that if you take massive action with consistency, you WILL accomplish your goals and dreams, and it’s just a matter of time before you do!